Discover a Local River Group

If you live in Georgia, it's likely there's a local community group in your area whose mission it is to be a knowledgeable voice for the rivers and streams in your community.  Georgia has over 30 active river groups that are constantly working to make sure the water your family drinks is clean, and the fish and wildlife that rely on our local rivers are living in a healthy environment. Your local river group is who you should call if you spot a problem that you're concerned would affect the health of a local waterway, or if you just want to get involved in fun, river-related activities.


River Group Directory

Georgia River Network has compiled a complete list of watershed groups in Georgia.  If you know the name of the group you're looking for, you can find it alphabetized below:

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Click on the map below to see which river groups are active where you live:

If you belong to a river group that is not listed in our directory, we'd love to include you! Please fill out this form and mail or fax it to us at:

Georgia River Network
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126 S. Milledge Ave
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Fax: 706.549.7791