Georgia River Network / Turner Foundation Grants


2008 Grantees

Thanks to support from the Turner Foundation, Georgia River Network was able to re-grant funds to grassroots groups protecting Georgia’s rivers. Grants were awarded to the following organizations:

2008 Grant Recipients

1. Altamaha Riverkeeper – Darien, GA ($10,000)

To establish recognition and enforcement of adequate buffers for coastal salt marsh and freshwater systems by assessing legal and legislative options for addressing the problem, and to develop legal, legislative, education and advocacy strategies based on the assessment. ARK will challenge Glynn County’s lack of buffer enforcement and/ or work with citizens to change the law to ensure buffer protections for salt marsh and freshwater streams.

2. Chattooga Conservancy – Clayton, GA ($10,000)

To organize a campaign that will result in a joint resolution by Clayton and Rabun County to implement a Water Leak Detection and Repair Program that would aim to reduce water loss from water supply lines in Clayton by 10% within one year. The joint resolution will pledge to follow a specific plan to fund and implement the leak detection and repair program with revenue savings placed in a dedicated fund for future sewer infrastructure repair.

3. Coosa River Basin Initiative – Rome, GA ($10,000)

To address land development and associated non-point source pollution in the upper Coosa River basin by facilitating Get the Dirt Out Trainings, monitoring active construction sites and addressing stream buffer variance applications.

4. Ogeechee Canoochee Riverkeeper – Statesboro, GA ($10,000)

To educate communities, respond to citizen complaints, and advocate for meaningful solutions to prevent non-point source pollution. This will be accomplished by conducting Get the Dirt Out Trainings, continuing staff monitoring of the watershed, responding to hotline calls and maintaining a matrix to track effectiveness of complaint responses, advocating for stronger local and state regulation of nonpoint source pollution, reviewing and commenting on the Coastal Supplement to the Georgia Stormwater Management Manual, advocating for good local ordinances promoting post-construction stormwater reduction, retention and treatment; advocating for state regulations/statutory changes that reduce the impact of post-construction stormwater on the sensitive marsh ecosystem; and advocating for state regulations/statutory changes to the buffer language to ensure protections for small flatwoods streams.

5. Satilla Riverkeeper – Waynesville, GA ($10,000)

To position Brantley County to pass local ordinances protecting wetlands and riparian floodplains and managing stormwater flows in the watershed, and to move forward the riverine habitat acquisition of the Hog Pen Bluff tract by providing technical input and building relationships to foster the purchase of this tract for public use.

6. Savannah Riverkeeper – Augusta, GA ($7,600)

To create, update and maintain the interactive, statewide, Get the Dirt Out database for LIA contacts and make changes to the website to support the database ($2,000); to create a database for Get the Dirt Out reports and follow-up ($3,500); to update the Get the Dirt Out website to reflect changes in the general permit and DNR rules ($2,100); and to continue to make progress on completing work funded in 2007 to train and provide manuals to 200 Get the Dirt Out Volunteers.