Georgia River Network / Turner Foundation Grants

2010 Grantees

Thanks to support from the Turner Foundation, Georgia River Network was able to re-grant funds to grassroots groups protecting Georgia’s rivers. Grants were awarded to the following organizations:

1. Altamaha Riverkeeper ($10,000)

To work with volunteers to investigate, monitor, and report on development sites to ensure proper stormwater management and buffers to reduce sedimentation and non-point source pollution on problem sites.

2. Altamaha Riverkeeper - Oconee ($5,000)

To provide training and support for volunteers in order to establish a Get the Dirt Out monitoring program in the Upper Oconee basin.

3. Coosa River Basin Initiative ($10,000)

To protect stream health and habitat by organizing Get the Dirt Out Trainings, reviewing stream buffer variance applications and Corps of Engineers 404 permit applications, monitoring active construction sites and implementing rain barrel programs in the City of Rome.

4. Savannah Riverkeeper ($4,000)

To reduce the amount of fecal coliform contamination in Augusta waterways from failing sewer lines by determining the extent of the problem and making recommendations on how it can be fixed.

5. Satilla Riverkeeper ($3,000)

To implement a campaign for a litter trap to prevent trash from the City of Blackshear from entering the Satilla through its tributary, the Alabaha River. Educate residents about litter and how they can campaign for city action as well as make a difference themselves.

6. Ogeechee Canoochee Riverkeeper ($10,000)

To identify sources of pollution and hold polluters accountable by actively responding to citizen complaints, tracking each complaint, reporting issues to government agencies, and tracking the responsiveness of government.

7. West Atlanta Watershed Alliance ($8,000)

To mobilize the community through direct action to reduce pollution and promote water efficiency in the Proctor Creek watershed by conducting Get the Dirt Out trainings, coordinating trash clean-ups and promoting water efficiency.