Fundraising Resources

Listings of Grants

Click here for a listing of grants offered by various funders.

Environmental Education Alliance lists grants for educators HERE.

Grant Information

Learn more about how to apply for a grant:

Grant Writing Fundamentals presentation

Sample Grant Proposal Outline

Grants and Foundations presentation by April Ingle Consulting

Other Resources

One of our favorite fundraising gurus is Andy Robinson who has helped Georgia River Network with our organizational fundraising strategies and provided a great fundraising workshop at our Annual Conference in 2008.  Here's a short video of the kind of strategy Andy uses for nonprofit fundraising:


Raising Money with a Nonprofit Board

Staying Afloat in Today's Tough Economy

Using Facebook for Fundraising - click HERE.

Fundraising Tips for Boards - click HERE.

Bequests - Learn how your organization can raise money through bequests HERE

Bequests - Information from River Network HERE.

Kim Klein Fundraising Newsletter
This free e-newsletter has practical tips and tools to help you raise money.

Athon Fundraising Tips

River Network Fundraising Guide

Conservation Fundraising at a Crossroads: Creating Healthy Fundraising Organizations
This 22 page report in PDF format looks at some of the obstacles to successful fundraising and maps out steps to success.

River Alliance of Wisconsin Toolkit

Article on Post Katrina Fundraising

Collection of Resources on Fundraising Compiled By River Network

A Virtual Manual on Fundraising in Rural Communities
The National office of CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) commissioned Kim Klein to put together a manual on fundraising in rural communities to be used by their rural programs. CASA has offered to share this information.

Kim Klein: The Ten Most Important Things You Can Know About Fundraising

Kim Klein: 8 Ways to Make $2500 In 10 Days

Lewis B. Cullman: "How to Succeed in Fundraising by Really Trying"
Lewis B. Cullman, one of this nation’s most generous philanthropists, has written a guide addressing the "Do's" and "Don'ts" of fundraising. "How to Succeed in Fundraising by Really Trying" is a free 18-page guide that offers practical advice to anyone asking for money for a worthy cause. Based on Cullman’s years of experience raising money as well as being asked for it, the booklet is a handy and plainspoken guide for anyone soliciting money for a charitable cause. Visit HERE to download a free copy of the guide.

IRS Fundraising Links for Charitable Contributions

IRS Publication on Charitable Contributions
IRS article for taxpayers on using gifts for tax deductions
A step by step walk-through of charitable contributions
IRS Rules for Thanking Donors