Board Development


Resources for board members on nearly every topic that concerns nonprofit boards.

Board Cafe is a great resource for board members.  Board Cafe offers hundreds of articles written by the experts about any problem a board or board member would have to deal with.

Board Star
does weekly podcasts on issues related to non-profit management. You can download them for free from iTunes.


Finding New Board Members: If you're an individual interested in board service or a nonprofit looking for a new board member, the Georgia Center for Nonprofits, in conjunction with the BoardNetUSA offers a service where nonprofit organizations are matched up with potential board members with similar interests and required click HERE.

What to Ask Every Prospective Board Member: This excerpt from the second edition of Over Goal! What You Must Know to Excel at Fundraising Today can be found HERE.

Sample Board Member Contract: It's nice for a new board member to know what they're getting into before they join your board.  And it's nice for the board to know that a board member is going to do what is asked of them.  HERE's a sample board contract that can seal the deal.

Board Member Orientation Notebook:  A board notebook is a tool that can ensure success for a new board member and help a seasoned board member along the way.  A board notebook incudes all the information about an organization that a a board member needs to know in order to share their enthusiasm about your organization with potential donors, public officials, their colleagues, family and friends. Here's an outline of a good board notebook.

All Hands on Board
This booklet was originally published jointly by Boardsource and CompassPoint Nonprofit Services. Click here to download the PDF free.


River Network Board Resource Library
Search the River Network for useful information on Board Roles and Responsibilities.

Show Your Board They're Valued
Especially in an organization with a great staff, a board of directors can easily begin to feel unnecessary or unmotivated.  This article provides some tips on helping the board feel great about their place in the organization.

Dealing with a Difficult Board Member
Every nonprofit board has one: The Arguer, The Derailer, The Lazybones, The Absentee.... It seems like there are as many kinds of disruptive or unhelpful board member behavior as their are nonprofit boards. Here are a couple ways to deal with the situation:

Useful Committees
An efficient, well-established committee system is a great way to get a lot of things done on a nonprofit board without involving everybody in lengthy board meeting discussion.  HOWEVER, the key word there is efficient.  A sluggish, ineffective committee structure can be worse than none at all.  Here are a few ways to improve your committee structure or to make it work without one:

Running a Great Board Meeting
Running a board meeting that makes the best use of everyone's time and doesn't bore the pants off everyone is a skill that has to be learned. Here are a few tips for how to do it:


Sometimes in addition to a Board of Directors, an organization chooses to institute an advisory board to help advise the Board in technical issues.  The resources below provide useful information about roles of an advisory board, pros and cons of establishing one, and tips for working with an advisory board:

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