Fundraising for Equipment

Question: I need an X (boat, monitoring equipment, computer, event tent, vehicle, etc), and I need it fast. How can I raise the money fast?

Answer: Good news: Raising money is at its simplest and most gratifying when you’re raising money for a thing! Think about it—you’re more likely to give $20 to your kid if he says, “I really need $20 to put gas in my car” than you are if he says, “I really need $20—Can I have it?” Your members and major donors believe in your work and they want to feel as if they’re contributing to something tangible. It’s also a good way to involve your entire board in fundraising when there is a big fundraising push for one particular thing—everyone gets excited and everyone gets the satisfaction of a job well done when the goal is achieved.

The “Thermometer Method” is a good strategy when raising a particular amount of money for a particular thing. There’s a good reason elementary schools and libraries always have that big fundraising “thermometer” on the side of their building. It gives the people who are giving money (as well as potential givers) a good idea of what has been accomplished and how much of the goal is left. They like to know that they are giving to something that other people in the community also thought was important, and that has an end in sight. Finding a fresh way of announcing on your website, your office building, in your emails or mailings how much money is left to raise in this particular campaign will help get people excited about giving as well.