Board Notebooks

A board notebook is a tool that can ensure success for a new board member and help a seasoned board member along the way.  A board notebook incudes all the information about an organization that a a board member needs to know in order to share their enthusiasm about your organization with potential donors, public officials, their colleagues, family and friends.

What should go in a board book?

1.       Foundation Documents:  Mission/Vision of organization, Strategic Plan and any organizational history documents, if applicable.

2.       Bylaws of Organization

3.       Fundraising Documents--Fundraising Plan and list of foundations and major donors from the past 3 years or so.

4.       Board Information--can include Board Norms, information on regularity and location of board meetings, and the Board Work Plan, which includes how board can be involved in the activities of the organization--both internally and externally.

5.       Communications--sample language of how the board members can talk about the organization’s mission and the issues it is dealing with to their friends and colleagues, public officials, etc.

6.       Fundraising--basic information about how board members can fundraise, including the menu of fundraising opportunities for board members.

7.       Meeting Minutes from previous 2-3 board meetings as reference so new members can see how a meeting usually goes.

8.       Contact List of all staff and other board members.