Gulp! You have a vacancy to fill. What will you need to do? What should you do first? Here are some resources that can help:

Guidestar Roadmap for Hiring
This resource starts with defining the staffing need and ends with the actual hire.

Independent Contractors vs. Employees (IRS website)
There are pros and cons to hiring one over the other.  Here is a very basic article on why you would want to do one or the other.

How to Structure the Search Process
Figuring out who will be involved in each hiring process and the roles that they will play is important. Developing an appropriate structure for a search will ensure that the hire is made in accordance with the needs, values, and capacity of your organization.

How much to pay?
Every few year, River Network polls watershed groups all over the country to gauge common personnel practices, including salaries, benefits and vacation. The survey was again conducted in 2003, 2005 and 2007. Results of past surveys can be found using the search function at

In addition to the River Network wage report, here's one from Opportunity Knocks about nonprofit wages and benefits.

Did your organization lose a leader?

Transition Guides provides resources for nonprofit organizations who have lost an executive director or board chair, or are going through some other major transition. 


Should board/staff (beyond the executive director) contact be limited?

How do we hire our first Development Director?

Transitioning from an unstaffed volunteer board to a staffed organization