Marketing and Public Relations

Characteristics of a First-Rate Marketing Approach
Social Marketing Provides Tools to Achieve Environmental Goals
Customer-Centered Approach Helps Organizations Achieve Goals
Marketing Provides Framework for Leading People to Action
Use Public Relations to Communicate With Your Audience

Creating An Annual Report

HERE is an article from the Georgia Center for Non-Profits.

How to Keep Everyone On Message

HERE is an article about how to keep everyone in your organization on point when talking about the work of the organization.

Tips to Ensure Consistent Messaging Across Mediums

How to adapt the presentation of your message to different mediums without compromising the message itself. Click HERE.


There are two things to worry about when it comes to copyright: protecting original material that your organization has created, and making sure that your organization isn't improperly using material that someone else owns. This Board CafĂ© article can be found on the Compass Point website.

Cause Communications' newest book, entitled Communications Toolkit: A Guide to Navigating Communications for the Nonprofit World, can help nonprofit newbies, veterans, and anyone in between find the resources they need to wage more effective communications campaigns. Based on national qualitative and quantitative audits of what nonprofits need in the area of communications, the book offers an overview of all the possible tools used to develop smart communications. This comprehensive guide offers practical information in virtually every area of communications—from how to develop and budget a communications plan to what tools you need to help raise awareness and funds. The book was made possible by support from The Annenberg Foundation, The California Endowment, The James Irvine Foundation and The Marguerite Casey Foundation. Click HERE.

Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes

This book by author Andy Goodman was designed and published by Cause Communications. Based on unprecedented research across the public interest sector and incorporating the advice of 20 highly regarded public speaking experts, Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes offers tips to help design and deliver presentations that avoid common pitfalls as nonprofits work to engage, inspire and motivate the audiences they need to reach. Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes is available at no cost to full-time staff of nonprofits, foundations and government agencies. Click HERE to order a copy.