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Paddle GA

Paddle GA

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paddle georgia

Georgia Rivers

paddle georgia

Paddle GA

Paddle GA


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92 Miles, 7 Days, 1 Great Time

Paddle Georgia 2019 - Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers

June 15-21, 2019
Registration starts in January

  • Daily paddling trips averaging 12 miles

  • Nightly camping with meals, games, entertainment and educational programs

  • Tours of historic sites, industrial facilities and more

  • Chemical and biological water monitoring opportunities

  • Companionship and camaraderie with hundreds of fellow paddlers

Paddle Georgia 2015Paddle Georgia 2019 Registration starts in January

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Start Raising Money to Protect Georgia's rivers now in the 2019 Paddle Georgia Canoe-a-thon.

Donate to GRN to support the Paddle Georgia Youth & Educator Programs! These programs enable underserved youth to take part in the week-long adventure and allow teachers to gain valuable environmental education training while participating in Paddle Georgia. If you are an K-12 educator and would like to learn more about how to apply for a scholarship through the educator program, go HERE.

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