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Water Trail Information:

Nestled in the Red Hills of southwest Georgia, the Ochlockonee River runs through bottomland forests of cypress, black gum, oak, and willow and winds past sandbars, beaches, and oxbow lakes. Currently, there are three (3) developed access points along the ORWT in Thomas and Grady County.

The river between access points G-L are navigable at most times and may require portage depending on the water level. The trail has not been developed in Colquitt County and clear passage there is unpredictable and potentially not navigable. Once the trail and additional access points are improved, the ORWT will wind some 66 miles through the southwest Georgia counties of Colquitt, Thomas, and Grady before crossing into Florida and emptying into the Gulf of Mexico.

Any visitors who wish to paddle longer than a day need to call before coming to confirm paddling conditions and best points of access. Seasonal rainfall significantly impacts navigation and possible need for portage. We want safe conditions and satisfied paddlers.

River conditions usually are appropriate for all ages. If water levels are above 4 feet (by checking HERE ) at Thomasville, use precaution. Higher water levels often mean less obstruction from deadfall; however, it also means increased flow and risk. Lower water levels below 2.5 feet mean increased chances for exposed deadfall which obstruct narrower portions of the river but, paddlers can expect to run the river most of the year with the best paddling conditions during the spring and fall. Come enjoy the tea-stained waters, greenery, and rich wildlife!
River Basin:
river pic viaweb2
66 miles
Access Points:
3 developed; 10 unimproved
- U.S. Route 19 Access - Refer to 'G' on map below. Single launch site – can paddle upstream 2 miles or downstream
3 miles and return to access point
- Hadley Ferry Road Access - Refer to 'K' on map below
- Dicky Ferry Lane Access - Refer to 'L' on map below
- Experienced paddlers could access at ‘G’ and exit at ‘L’
- 10 additional unimproved access points
Classification of Trail:
Contact Information:
Margaret Tyson
(229) 378-7610
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Sponsoring Organization:
Ochlockonee River Water Trail, Inc.
Partnering Organizations:
Ochlockonee River Water Trail, Inc. will provide in future
Overnight Trip Options:
Not at this time
Nearest Population Centers:
Moultrie, Thomasville, Cario
Prepared by Amanda Lanphere, Thomas University graduate student

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