Healthy Rivers Healthy You

Healthy Rivers: Healthy You Challenge 

This summer, we challenge YOU to a healthy body and a healthy mind. Even more, we challenge you to be healthy by utilizing the greatest resource we have, WATER.

Being healthy is about much more than eating well and being active. We think that wellness should encompass your body, mind, and spirit! We want you to choose your challenges, after all, who knows what you need better than you?

How it Works:

Healthy Rivers: Healthy You is about encouraging people to be healthier while simultaneously raising money to protect Georgia's rivers. With this challenge, YOU are making a difference in your life, and YOU are a making a significant impact on the health of our rivers. The money you help raise will directly go toward our mission of maintaining economically vital and clean flowing rivers.

Each challenger will pick at least 3 different personal challenges to work on during the summer - from June 18-August 1 while raising much needed funding to protect the rivers you love. This challenge is designed so that you're never without supporters to motivate you along the way! Use your friends and family to help motivate you by creating fundraising page that will benefit Georgia River Network to help keep our rivers healthy, while you are keeping yourself healthy. And there are PRIZES! We want to reward you for making yourself, and our rivers, healthier this summer by giving away great prizs to the top fundraisers (see prizes below). 


Choose your challenge from the list below. Click each title for more information, and to learn how Georgia River Network is making a difference in these areas to provide clean flowing rivers. 

With each challenge that you participate in, there is a correlated dollar amount. Get your friends and family in on the challenge by asking them to donate the appropriate dollar amount to your cause. Remember to keep them updated on your progress by sending emails, texts, letters, or phone calls! 

Getting Your Feet Wet ($1 per challenge):Screen Shot 2016 07 11 at 11.17.45 AM
Testing the Waters ($3 per challenge):                                                           
Diving In ($5 per challenge):

The more you accomplish, the healthier you and our rivers will feel! Record your challenges through photos and keeping a journal, logging your experiences along the way. Don't worry about telling us which goal you pick, just report in when you've accomplished it, so that we can toot your horn and celebrate your successes with you on social media! Don't forget to send in any pictures of you having fun while reaching your goal! You can send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.*. 

These challenges should reflect your personal needs and limitations, and your own desire for improvement, Don't forget - have fun!

Help us make a difference! Georgia's rivers beautify our communities and our countryside. Rivers also provide drinking water for millions across Georgia, habitat for many plants and animals, and nourish Georgia's Golden Isles of marshes, beaches, and fisheries. Not only do we depend on our rivers for clean water to drink, we also rely on them being healthy, so we can go swimming, paddling, and fishing without fear of getting sick. Georgia River Network serves as the voice of Georgia's rivers and works to empower everyone to enjoy, connect with, and advocate for economically vital and clean flowing rivers. This is where YOU come into play. The funds that you raise will go toward keeping our rivers healthy and clean! 

Prizes:                            Lower OconeeFlyerWEB1

That's right, we want to reward you for making yourself, and our rivers, healthier this summer! The top fundraisers will be eligible for the following great prizes:

First Place: A free registration for our Lower Oconee Hidden Gem Paddle & Campout on September 17-18. A minimum of $100 must be raised to be eligible. 

Second & Third Place: An assortment of Georgia River Network merchandise. A minimum of $50 must be raised to be eligible. 





How do I set up my personal Healthy Rivers: Healthy You donation page?

1. Go to

2. Click on Join Now to set-up your account.

3. Create your account by completing all the screens.

4. Complete your very own fundraising page for Healthy Rivers, Healthy You, complete with pictures. (Make sure you use jpg or gif files.)

5. Use the special features of your FirstGiving account to add photos, YouTube videos, link to Flickr or Facebook, or email all your friends.

6. Make your first gift (to yourself) to see dollars in your account (or ask your biggest supporter to make your first donation now)

7. Email everyone you know, pass the word in-person, make phone calls and direct everyone to your Healthy Rivers, Healthy You page to contribute online.

8. Watch the dollars roll in!

9. Email Jen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 706-549-4508 if you have any questions about FirstGiving or need help.


Many, many thanks for your support - and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too! 

*Georgia River Network reserves the right to reprint and reuse any documentation submitted.