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VolunteerMatch is the nonprofit, online service that helps interested volunteers get involved with community service organizations throughout the United States. Volunteers enter their ZIP code on the VolunteerMatch web site to quickly find local volunteer opportunities matching individual interests and schedules.

These two GuideStar articles examine the reasons volunteers do what work for you--or not:

Why do volunteers stay?

Why do volunteers leave?


Volunteers are free labor, but not labor free. Creating a volunteer program that works for the volunteer and adds value to the organization is a challenge, but one that can have a high return on investment. Effective volunteer programs are distinguished by specific features: They are well planned, they consider the individual and they are based on a culture of reward and recognition.


Successful Volunteer Programs (Power Point presentation) presented by Janet Cohen at River Rally 2009 (Baltimore, MD)

National Park Service (RTCA) Community Toolbox: Volunteers
Enthusiastic volunteers are essential to the efficient functioning of non-profits and community organizations, as they help groups accomplish more. This resource outlines the basic steps to identifying, recruiting, coordinating, and recognizing volunteers.

Institute for Conservation Leadership's Volunteerism 2.0
It’s time to rethink volunteerism.  Shifts in the nonprofit world, economy, and across generations are rapidly changing the ways we recruit and engage volunteers.  ICL’s “Volunteerism 2.0” report shares what’s “now” and what’s next—highlighting five green organizations that are thinking creatively and strategically about volunteer roles.

Bringing People Up in Your Organization
Today's volunteer can be tomorrow's leader.

Updated Resources


The ability to communicate effectively with the public and public officials is essential to the work you do as a nonprofit river group. So, what works and what doesn't? These resources will help you navigate the muddy waters of communication!


Updated Resources



Water Communication Basics

  • The EPA has a great toolbox for communicating with the public about nonpoint source pollution.  And even though it focuses on NPSP, it's useful for all kinds of things you do!
  • Former Hollywood screenwriter Andy Goodman started a nonprofit called The Goodman Center to help nonprofits get their message across to the public through storytelling through ads, presentations, publications--you name it! Check out the Goodman Center:  take a look at their huge library of free communications resources.  Their workshops are also excellent.
  • Smart Chart 3.0: Communications campaign planning is rarely an easy process. If the budget isn't too small, the deadline is too tight - and even on those rare occasions when both time and money are in sufficient supply, you still must answer some daunting questions. Who is your primary target audience? How do they see this issue, and how will you reach them with your message?
    In the heat of such planning, many good causes make a common mistake. "The tendency is always to start with tactics and work backwards from there," says Kristen Grimm, President of Spitfire Strategies. So, to help nonprofits and foundations stay focused, Spitfire Strategies created the Smart Chart in 2003.
    Ten years down the road, Smart Chart 3.0 remains a powerful planning tool, whether you're simply writing a press release or planning an elaborate multimedia campaign. And best of all, it's free!

  • Water Words that Work is a great resource for watershed communications. Water Words that Work helps nature protection and pollution control organizations professionalize and modernize their communications. They can consult with you about fundraising, advocacy, or pollution prevention campaign OR you can peruse their website to learn more about the Water Words that Work Communications Method.  Eric Eckl who started Water Words that Work came to the Georgia River Network Conference in 2009 to talk about communications.  Watch and learn from the videos below!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Communications Articles We Found Helpful

Updated Resources


2011 Weekend for Rivers Party

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Georgia River Network's Business Partners

Our business partners contribute to our work to protect rivers and to our events that connect with with each other. To learn more about sponsorship and donation opportunities, click here.

Weekend for Rivers Sponsors
Click here to view the sponsors for our annual gathering - Weekend For Rivers. 

Paddle Georgia Sponsors
Click here to view the sponsors for Paddle Georgia, our annual week long paddle trip for 350 people on a different river each year.


EarthShare Georgia Member


Georgia River Network is a member group of EarthShare of Georgia — a non-profit federation of over 60 Georgia non-profits, all of which work to educate, conserve, or protect our air, land, and water throughout Georgia.  Through workplace giving campaigns at participating companies, EarthShare raises funds for the member group non-profit organizations in Georgia.  Employers who include EarthShare as part of their annual pledge campaign empower their employees with additional ways to improve their world. EarthShare of Georgia, as part of the EarthShare national employee giving program, is part of a network representing more than 400 environmental groups working locally, nationally and internationally.

Your workplace might establish an annual charitable giving campaign for employees through Earth Share of Georgia.  There you could support Georgia River Network and other member non-profits easily through the annual campaign. Employees can designate all or portions of their payroll deduction donations to Georgia River Network.  Here’s more information:   Starting an employee giving campaign

 1% For the Planet 

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Georgia River Network is a 1% for the Planet non-profit partner. Over 1200 companies are giving 1% of their profits to organizations in the network that are committed to creating a healthy planet. Learn more at www.onepercentfortheplanet.org.



2011 Auction Items

2 Passes to Fernbank Museum

Tapestry donated by Peg Jones

Necklace donated by Peg Jones

Pillow donated by Peg Jones

Pillow donated by Peg Jones

1 Canoe Rental from Coosa River Basin Initiative

Gift Certificate for a 1 night stay at Len Foote Hike Inn for 2 people that includes dinner and breakfast

Gift Certificate for a 1 night stay at Len Foote Hike Inn for 2 people that includes dinner and breakfast

2 Kayak classes on the Chattahoochee

Half day tour for two with Savannah Canoe and Kayak

Gift Certificate for 1 half hour massage at Wilma's Remedies

Gift Certificate for 1 half hour massage at Wilma's Remedies

 5 mile canoe or kayak trip for 2 on the Chattahoochee

$25 Gift Certificate to Daily Groceries Co-op

1 Rain Barrel from Keep Forsyth Beautiful

2 Rain Barrels from The Rain Barrel Depot

1 Painted Rain Barrel from Bonny Putney

1 Composter from The Rain Barrel Depot

2 Tote Bags with Goodies inside from Cobb County Water System

4 guest passes to Georgia Music Hall of Fame

3 hour kayak tour on St. Simon's for 1 from Southeast Adventure Outfitters

Signed Copy of "The Flower Seeker" by Philip Lee Williams, donated by Dorinda Dallmeyer

Signed Copy of "Bartram's Living Legacy" edited and donated by Dorinda Dallmeyer

Signed Copy of "The Southern Frontier" by Phillip Juras, donated by Dorinda Dallmeyer

2 AirTran Tickets

Full day fly fishing trip on Soque River

Conasauga snorkeling for 4 and a field guide

Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket Men's Large

Patagonia Rain Shadow Jacket Women's Medium

Patagonia Travel Duffel

Patagonia Sol Patrol Shorts Men's 35"

Patagonia Hemp Shirt Men's Large

Patagonia Wayfarer Board Shorts Men's 35"

One night stay in The Magnolia Room Bed and Break

Canoe or Kayak trip for 4 on the Chestatee River

Wind Chimes donated by Bonny Putney

Set of 54" Bass Pro Carlisle Canoe Paddles and a $10 Gift Certificate

Set of 48" Bass Pro Carlisle Canoe Paddles

2 Handmade Pottery Pieces

Bird Feeder donated by Sam Linhart

Book Pack: Wherever Water Flows; Paddlers Guide for Medical Emergencies; Kayak Manual

Blue Heron Glass Art Bowl

1 Night Stay for 2 or a 2 Night Stay for 1 at Hostel in the Forest

2 Water Bottles, 2 T-Shirts, and 2 Whistles donated by Savannah Riverkeeper

Canoe Trip for 2 donated by Flint River Outdoor Center

2 Cobb County Water System Totes filled with goodies

Book Pack: Tracking Desire, Wildflowers of the AT; Circling Home

Canoe or Kayak trip for 2 on the Broad or Altamaha River

Canoe Trip on the Etowah River including a Free Canoe Rental

Hand Knitted item from Jenny Sanders

Barberitos Goody Pack

Patagonia Live Simply Shirt Women's Large

Patagonia Platform Shirt Men's XXL

Hat and T-Shirt donated by Altamaha Riverkeeper

Plants donated by Jeremy Friedmen

Jewelry donated by Cathy Pentz

T-Shirt donated by Yvette Wise

Canoe Rental, Cooler Bag, Notecards, and a Water Bottle donated by Dianna Minick

Pottery by Stacia Hendricks - Carved Bowl and Batter Bowl