I want to report a problem on my river....

It's difficult to know who to call when you see a problem on your river -- maybe it's running red with mud, or you smell something odd on the water, or you see something you're pretty sure just doesn't belong.

In cases like these, it's best to start with your local river group.  They might know something about the situation already, or at the very least, they will know who to contact to get it fixed. Click here for a listing of river groups in Georgia.

Otherwise, we suggest you contact the appropriate office in your local government or contact the Watershed Protection Branch of the Georgia Environmental Protection Divison (EPD). For who to contact at the EPD, click here.

If there’s no one who can help in your area, please contact Jesslyn Shields at Georgia River Network on 706.549.4508 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in our office to report the problem.

And thanks again for helping keep Georgia’s rivers clean and healthy.