Paddle Georgia

June  17 - 23, 2017
Paddle Georgia is GRN's trademark event. 400+ people attend this week-long paddle along a different river each year. The Etowah River will make for one of our best Paddle Georgia's yet!
Canoe-a-thon 2017 
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Fall Float on the Flint - October 7 - 9, 2017

The Fall Float is an event during the fall every year, which is a 3-day paddle that paddlers from all over the nation attend. 

The trip, produced in partnership with Flint Riverkeeper, will cover about 48 miles of the southwest Georgia river over three days, beginning near Baconton and ending in the backwaters of Lake Seminole near Bainbridge.  

2017 Promo Fall Float 3 1

The trip is suitable for novice paddlers as well as experienced paddlers. Paddlers range in age from four to 84, with many families participating. In 2016, more than 100 paddlers made the three-day Columbus Day weekend journey.

In addition to traveling about 15 miles on the river each day, participants will have the opportunity to learn about issues impacting the Flint from Flint Riverkeeper, take part in water testing programs with Georgia Adopt-A-Stream and learn about the river’s unique fishes and mussels from biologists and scientists.  The group will camp for three nights at Rocky Bend Flint River Retreat, a campground located on the river in Newton

So come explore the Flint River with us and if you want a glimpse of what it is like check out Gwyneths' and Joes' photos from last year

Check out Joe Cook and Gwyneth Moody’s Photo albums from last year’s trip.





Are you ready for a truly wild adventure, exploring everything Georgia’s astonishing waterways have to offer?

Then clear your calendar for Paddle Georgia! Each year 400 people of all ages and walks of life show up to spend a week (and roughly 100 miles) on a different Georgia river, sleep in what amounts to a gypsy camp on the floor of a high school gym (or out on the football field for those who want to rough it in relative privacy), eat together, laugh together and complain together about sunburn and sore shoulders. And they do it all with grins on their faces.

As is true around the world, the rivers we paddle have troubles, and the proceeds of Paddle 

Fall Float

Paddle Georgia Savannah River

Georgia go toward supporting river protection efforts all over the state of Georgia.

But  the real purpose of Paddle Georgia is to help you experience the river—not just from your car windows—but as a place coursing with history, raucous wildlife, and a sweet, meditative slowness that only can be found in a watery place. 

This is what keeps people—all kinds of people—coming back to Paddle Georgia each year for a refreshing baptism on a hot week in June.

To find out more about Paddle Georgia, visit Paddle Georgia on Facebook and Twitter, or check out the Paddle Georgia website.

For more information about the upcoming trip in June, read Captain Joe Cook's Paddle Georgia blog.

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