Trip Planning Resources

Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.  Do your homework.  Understand the section of river you are planning to paddle, the weather conditions, whether you have the proper equipment and where your access points are.  Planning upfront will make your trip much smoother and much safer!


Know What to Bring

Make sure you have the proper equipment for your your trip. Visit this link for sample checklists.

Understand Basic River Safety

Understanding basic river safety is essential. Visit this page for resources.

Practice Leave No Trace 

Keep our rivers clean. A few easy tips to help you leave the river clean for future paddlers.

River Access

Choosing access is often the hardest part of planning your trip. Use these resources to locate safe, legal access to your river.

Be knowledgeable about the river you are paddling

There are plenty of books and websites you can investigate in order to be prepared prior to embarking on your journey.