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Place in launch kiosks, CVB's, Chamber of Commerce, schools etc.
Include the following:
  • Short Water trail description
  • Inset of Georgia map with location of water trail watershed
  • Major obstacles, rapids etc.
  • Designated sections with class of whitewater (Class I-VI)
  • Photos of water trail’s highlights (waterfalls, historic site etc.)
  • Distance between access points
  • All public access points
  • Existing facilities at each access outfitters,restrooms, food, potable water etc.  (either chart or icons)
  • List of Notable Flora/Fauna (Threatened and endangered species)+ Photos
  • QR Code - Water Trail website
  • Map Key/Legend that includes: River watershed, Tributaries, River, Future Trail, Water Trail, Communities, and Major roads.
  • Water Trail Logo and URL, Georgia Water Trail Logo and URL (www.GaWaterTrails.org)
  • "...Water Trail is made possible through the generous support of..."(List sponsors and supporters)
The Georgia Environmental Protection Division Outreach Unit and Georgia River Network are working in partnership to develop web-based interactive maps for Georgia‘s water trails. Our goal is to create an interactive map for all water trails throughout the State.
The Process
Georgia River Network’s Community Programs Coordinator will assist communities in getting their water trail established and gathering the information needed for the creation of a water trail interactive map.  Once the spreadsheet with water trail data is complete, it will be forwarded to the Environmental Protection Division’s Outreach Unit for verification and map creation.  The first draft of the interactive map will then go through a second round of map and data verification by EPD and the water trail representative. Once finalized, the map will be available on the EPD website for public use as a Google map. GRN and local partners will be able to use these maps as well, embedded in their own website.
Water trails that satisfy the GRN Clearinghouse Criteria will be included on the map as established water trails.  We will have separate map layers for those water trails that are still in the conceptual and developing stages.  An established water trail is one that meets the following criteria:
• Public access areas where paddlers can unload boats and park vehicles.
• River access sites are appropriately spaced apart on the river to provide sections reasonably paddled in a few hours or a full day.
• Depending on the length of the trail, water access to public overnight camping sites.
• Information about the water trail provided to paddlers through a website or publication and basic maps created by the sponsoring entity.
• Trail is sponsored, maintained, and promoted by a local entity or partnership.
Please follow the Interactive water trail map data submission protocol as indicated below:
This is a list of all of Georgia’s established and developing water trails. If you do not see the trail you represent please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (706) 549-4508.
Established Water Trails:
  • Altamaha River Canoe Trail
  • Augusta Canal
  • Broad River Water Trail
  • Chattahoochee River National Water Trail
  • Chattooga Wild and Scenic River
  • Etowah River Water Trail
  • North Georgia Water Trail- Headwaters(Coosawattee Blue Trail)
  • Okefenokee Wilderness Area Canoe Trails
  • Ocmulgee River Water Trail
  • Southeast Coast Saltwater Paddling Trail
  • Tallapoosa River Water Trail (Dub Denman Canoe Trail)
  • Toccoa River Canoe Trail
  • Upper Chattahoochee River Water Trail
  • Yellow River Water Trail
Developing Water Trails:
  • Alapaha River Water Trail
  • Conasauga Canoe Trail
  • Middle Chattahoochee Blueway
  • Ochlockonee River Water Trail
  • Oconee River Water Trails
  • Satilla River Water Trail
  • South River Water Trail
  • St. Mary’s River Water Trail
  • West/South Chickamauga Creek Blue Trail
  1. To begin submitting data for the water trail you represent, please download the two excel templates below:
  • The Sections Spreadsheet Template includes the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of all of the sections that make up a water trail in its entirety. Each separate section includes the river that flows between a put in and take out point. The data for each section of a water trail should be included in separate worksheets within the Excel Spreadsheet Template.
  • The Sites Spreadsheet Template includes the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of all the sites located along or within close proximity of the water trail. Data should be submitted for each site, including:
Historic Attraction
Type of Boat Launch
Photo Source
Hiking Trails (trailhead)
Phone number
Ownership (Public/Private)
River Gauges 
Water Body
Canoe/Kayak Rental
River Access
Parking/ Day Use Fee
Picnic Area
Potable Water
Water Discharge Sites
Fish Bait
Points of Interest 
  1. At the top of each template you will find an example of the format and style of answer that is required for each category listed. We ask that you follow this format when entering the respective data for the water trail you represent.
  2. Complete each template to the best of your knowledge. Please do not fill any cell unless you are certain about the information you are submitting and can include a reference in the “Website(URL)/ Info Source/ Reference” column. We will reach out to other organizations and water trail representatives regarding any cells left blank to determine the correct and current information.
  3. Please include a photo of each site listed as well as a description of the site.*
*All photos should be downloaded in jpeg format, labeled as the site’s name, be no larger than 4MB and either sent via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as attachments or uploaded to dropbox (Sign up for a FREE Dropbox account using the following url: https://db.tt/vlIm0kj2 and contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details). You must own the rights to the photo or have permission to use the photo for these purposes. The name of the photo file and the photo source (i.e. “ courtesy of___” or “photo source URL”) should also be added to the “Photo source” column of the ‘Sites Spreadsheet Template’ in each sites’ respective row.
Accessing Your Completed Map
It is important to note that these maps are in the public domain. If you would like to embed a completed map into your website, please contact Harold Harbert, EPD Outreach Coordinator at 404-675-1639 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details.
Updating Your Map

We ask that you help us keep your map updated.  Georgia River Network will periodically solicit information on changes from your organization and forward the changes to EPD.
If you have any additional questions about water trails or collecting information for your map, please contact:
Gwyneth Moody
Community Programs Coordinator
Georgia River Network
(706) 549-4508
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
To discuss programming questions and learn how to access and share maps, contact:
Harold Harbert
Watershed Protection Branch's Outreach Manager
Environmental Protection Division
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Georgia Department of Natural Resources Interactive Map