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Georgia River Network / Turner Foundation Grants

2012 Grantees

Thanks to support from the Turner Foundation, Georgia River Network was able to re-grant funds to grassroots groups protecting Georgia’s rivers. Grants were awarded to the following organizations:

Eleven applications totaling $105, 229 were received. Five grantees were awarded a total of $40,000.

1. Altamaha Riverkeeper ($10,000)

To focus legal and technical attention on unresolved issues affecting the Altamaha River, mobilize citizen concerns, and make progress on improving water quality.

2. Coosa River Basin Initiative ($8,000)

To address non-point source pollution, ill-conceived development proposals, inefficient water use, and the failure of state regulators to protect the river.

3. Savannah Riverkeeper ($6,000)

To address water quality issues in four impaired waterways in Augusta: Rocky Creek, Butler Creek, Spirit Creek and Raes Creek.

4. Ogeechee Riverkeeper ($10,000)

To appeal the Consent Order between Georgia Environmental Protection Division and the King America Finishing plant and to file a Clean Water Act citizens’ suit against King America Finishing (KAF) for violations. 

5.  Satilla Riverkeeper ($6,000) 

To address and establish effective standards for monitoring wastewater discharge to Seventeen Mile River in Coffee County under NPDES Permits for the Satilla River.


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