Rivers Near You

When you look at a map of the state of Georgia, what do you notice first?

Mostly roads, right? Because most maps are road maps. But the interesting thing is that if you were to draw all the rivers and streams in Georgia in lines as bold as the highways on your road map, the state would look almost completely blue. That means that if you live in Georgia, you live no more than a few miles from a river or stream! And of course, your local creek flows into a bigger stream or river, which is part of a greater watershed -- an area of land that has one thing in common: that when rain falls within its borders, all that water eventually will flow to the same place.

So, in case you didn't know, you live closer to a stream than you might have thought, and you're the resident of a greater watershed! Congratulations!

Do you want to find out more about the rivers and streams in your area? You came to the right place -- let's get started!

First, if you don't already know which watershed you live in, take a minute to figure it out on this map. Click on the watershed you live in to find more information about it. Or click here for general information about Georgia's rivers.

For more information about the state's major river systems, visit Brown's Guide to Georgia, whose page on "Rivers, Streams and Creeks in Georgia" has a wealth of information on the state's river systems as well as good tips on visiting Georgia rivers and their tributary streams through the Georgia State Parks system.