Stories from the Altamaha Basin

4/20/2012 - Tri-River Paddle: Oconee, Ocmulgee, Altamaha

This was a “three rivers” paddle with the GA Conservancy.  We camped overnight then paddled the Ocmulgee the next day to where it meets the Oconee to form the Altamaha.  There is something very inviting about paddling at the actual spot where a great river originates!  Most folks paddled through the confluence—which looks very much like a highway intersection, with three clearly delineated paths—and straight onto the Altamaha. But we wanted to have a true “three rivers” experience.  So off we went, upstream on the Oconee.  It was only half a mile or so, but since we spent a week on the Oconee last year on Paddle GA, we figured our old friend wouldn’t mind a brief visit. 

Suzi Parron

Mary Siceloff & Liz Williams' paddle # 11... 

6/16/2012-6/22/2012 - Altamaha River

Paddle #10 - In June, I took part in Paddle GA 2012 on the Altamaha River in coastal Georgia. It is a huge river. My impressions were that the first day was fun because of the newness of the river. Days 2 through 4 were pretty much the same with big wide water, great temps and a constant headwind. Day 5 was a memorable experience riding along the 50 millions gallons of waste from the Rayonier Plant in Jesup. I still swear that the stench in the air gave me a sore throat while we were there. The last day was very memorable for needing to time our paddle with the Tidal Charts for our entry into Darien. We also spent a workout going up Penholloway Creek to a take-out one afternoon.

- Bobby Marie

6/16/2012-6/22/2012 - Altamaha River

Paddle #3 - Our 4th Paddle Georgia. THANKS for all you do! I'll/we'll be talking about Penhollway Creek for YEARS! :)  I can't even begin to tell about Paddle Georgia 2012, so I won't even try. It was a great way to celebrate my 55th birthday (and my 52nd, 53rd, &  54th)!  :) 

Lonny & Rhonda Martin

6/20/2012 - Ohoopee River - 1ST TO FINISH 12 IN 2012 CHALLENGE!!!!

Gerry Cowart is the first to finish the 12 in 2012 challenge!! See everywhere he's paddled in picture below.  

6/3/2012 - Delegal Creek

Liz William and Mary Siceloff's paddle blog tells all about their 5th paddle trip here:


3/27/2012 - Cathead Creek

Mary Siceloff, Liz Williams and Gerry Cowart did yet another paddle. This is Mary and LIz's third paddle and Gerry's fifth in the 12 in 2012 challenge. Check out Mary's blog that tells all about their Cathead Creek paddle together!

3/10/2012 – Altamaha River

I and four others paddled Cat Head Creek, a tributary of the Altamaha River.  We put in at 10:30 am at a culvert throw-in on Ga Hwy 251.  This is the only public access I know of to Cat Head.  Important to the success of launching is to time the put-in with high tide.  We paddled one way to Darien where we left our shuttle car.  We were on the river for 4.5 hours and traveled 10.2 miles.  The day was bright and clear but a wind out of the east built throughout the day, leaving us fighting some pretty stiff gusts toward the end of our trip.  Luckily, we were moving with the out-going tide.

Cat Head is a classic costal black water swamp river.  It shows much evidence of rice cultivation with many canals that can be explored. 

- Gerry Cowart

2/15/2012 - Altamaha River

"River Two - Enjoying Georgia's largest cypresses in the swamps of the Altamaha."

Stacy Smith - commented on Facebook's 12 in 12 event page

2/1/2012 - Sapelo & Duplin Rivers

 "I started my 12 rivers in GA in 2012 with a paddle on the Sapelo River and the Duplin River around Sapelo Island, last week-end, on a GA Conservancy kayaking and paddling trip! What a BLAST!"

Marie Hagins Short - commented on Paddle Georgia, A Project of Georgia River Network's link

1/30/2012 – Oconee, Ocmulgee, and Altamaha Rivers 

Here are some photos and a really short narrative for the first three of 12 rivers I paddled this year for the GRN Paddle 12 Rivers in 2012.

Our group of four kayakers, the Oconee Oarsome Expedition of 2012, paddled the lower Oconee, the lower Ocmulgee and the upper Altamaha on January 13-16, 2012. Joining me were Steve Craven, Brown Widener and Gary Crider, who also enrolled in the 12 in 12 challenge.

We put in January 13 on the Oconee at the U.S. 280 bridge just west of Mount Vernon, spent two nights camping on sandbars on the Oconee, then paddled to the confluence of the Oconee and Ocmulgee. We paddled up the Ocmulgee to camp on a sandbar, then returned to the Forks and headed east on the Altamaha two miles to the take-out where U.S. 221 crosses the river at Terry Landing.

Weather was clear but cold. Water levels were low. So, sandbars lined the outside of nearly every bend. Firewood was abundant on the bars, so we stayed pretty warm. We saw and heard many bird species (kingfishers and great blue herons were common), heard beavers and saw their tracks, and saw lots of other wildlife sign. The Oconee has only one highway bridge between U.S. 280 and the Forks. Traffic noise was light. So, we really felt like we were in the backwoods.

The photos show three of the four of us. They are the following…

Jan 13 – at put-in location
Jan 15 - heading up the Ocmulgee at the confluence
Jan 16 - nearing the take-out at Terry Landing

- Roger Nielsen