Experience Your River

What is your river doing right now?

Is it running under the bridge at the end of your street?  Is it sneaking behind the buildings in the downtown where you grew up? Is it still wandering through the woods where you went camping last summer? 

No matter what you’re doing, your river is busy.  It has a big job, providing your drinking water, carving out your favorite fishing and swimming holes, cleaning your town’s wastewater and carrying it far downstream to the ocean.

And it’s easy to get to know your river—in a boat, in an innertube, in your swimsuit or in a pair of waders. We have all the maps and information you need to discover your local river, explore one of our growing number of water trails, or even join us on our annual, week-long canoe/kayak adventure, Paddle Georgia.  Come on in—the water’s great!