Presentations from Weekend For Rivers 2011

Weekend for Rivers 2011 was a big success! What a wonderful weekend to spend in such a beautiful spot with such great friends! 

For a list of those great friends, take a look at our participant list - click here.


Each year we post as many of the presentations for Weekend for Rivers as we can--mostly Power Points, but also videos, presenter handouts, etc.

Half Day Workshops
Friday, February 25

Broadening the River Movement
Presenter: Mattice Haynes with panel members Tina Arnold, Daniel Blackman, and Melissa Conrad  

Water Trails Toolkit

Trail Planning and Fundraising Panel (video coming soon!)
Panel Members: Charlotte Gillis, Matt Pate, Josh Smith, Dan Macintyre. 

Launch Design, Permitting and Construction

Presenters: Keith Parsons and Don Wells

HERE is a link to the permitting website Keith talked about in his presentation.

Water Trails Marketing and Tourism
Presenter: Cheryl Smith

Water Trails Conservation and Education
Presenter: Joe Cook

Plenary and Concurrent Sessions
Saturday, February 26

Keynote Presentations

GRN Membership Update
Presenter: Julie Stuart

…And Clean Water For All:  Grassroots Groups Restore Watersheds, Communities, and Health
Presenter: Na’Taki Osborne Jelks

Upper Chattahoochee Issues
Presenter: Sally Bethea

Engaging Diverse Youth and Families in the Outdoors
Presenter: Angelou Ezeilo

Concurrent Sessions
Track 1: River Protection Stories

Land Use & Water Quality: How to Use Sustainable Agriculture to Improve Water Quality and Broaden Your Audience
Presenter: Justin Ellis

Fighting the Winning Fight: Two Inspiring Campaigns that Worked in Georgia
Presenters: Tonya Bonitatibus & Bill Hood

Neighborhood Water Watch: Utilizing Volunteers to Monitor Local Waterways

Presenter: Jason Ulseth

Pulling Your Community Together to Respond to River Threats
Presenter: Ben Emanuel

Track 2: River Protection Stories

Status of Water Trails in Georgia and the Economic Benefits of Water Trails
Presenter: Katherine Edmonds

Chattahoochee Whitewater Park, Conception to Completion
Presenter: John Turner

Building a Trail in Your Community: A Case Study
Presenters: Karen Hunt & Karen Bailey

Water Trails and Private Property Concerns
Presenter: Dan MacIntyre

Track 3: Water Protection for Everybody

Presentations coming soon!!

River Protection in Georgia: Explore the different Roles of Adopt-A-Stream, Georgia River Network, & Riverkeepers
Presenters: Allison  Hughes, Tara Muenz, April Ingle & Tonya Bonitatibus

How to Spot Sources of Nonpoint Source Pollution and what to do about it
Presenter: Jennifer Arp

Reducing Your Water Footprint
Jennifer McCoy & Bob Bourne

How to Organize Community Outreach Events
Presenters: Allison Hughes & Tara Muenz