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Current River Issues

Georgia River Network follows and tracks a number of issues all year long.  Put simply, we follow issues that affect clean water, water supply and enjoyment of Georgia’s streams, rivers, and reservoirs.

There are two primary ways for you follow the issues and learn about our thinking on the issues.

First, visit the Georgia Water Coalition (GWC) website . GRN is a member of the GWC’s Leadership Team and our legislative priorities are closely aligned with the GWC’s.  Every year the GWC produces a Dirty Dozen Report that exposes the worst offenses to Georgia’s waterways.  The Dirty Dozen  is required reading for anybody who wants to know about the most pressing the issues.

Second, follow the Georgia Water Wire .  The Georgia Water Wire is designed to provide more than news – the intent is offer analysis and commentary on water quality and supply issues.  The secondary goals are to place current events in state-wide, regional, and historical contexts where appropriate but always backed by evidence.

Once you know the issues and understand the thinking about them, please make a choice to join us and get involved!

And if you have any questions or ideas, do not hesitate to contact us.

Current River Issues
At Georgia River Network, we envision a clean water future for Georgia. Find out about the issues we're working on now to make this dream a reality. Learn about it here.
Water Trails
Our Water Trails Clearinghouse is designed to help you find great places to paddle in Georgia and also to give you the tools to create paddling opportunities in your community. Learn more here.
Paddle Georgia
Paddle Georgia is a 7 day trip on a different river each June. Be sure to sign up for the Paddle Georgia newsletter to stay in touch with the going on! Visit the official Paddle Georgia website or our YouTube channel to learn more.