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Conasauga Canoe Trail 

Trail Description

Conasauga River Alliance is partnering with Dalton Utilities, Limestone Valley RC&D, Whitfield County, WWF, and Coca Cola to complete a water trail on a section of the Conasauga. Efforts for the trail are beginning within Whitfield County with hopes of working up and downstream from there. Currently there are two access points, one in Beaverdale, GA behind the Superette gas station, and one at Dalton Utilities at Norton Bridge. Dalton Utilities is contributing by building and funding a launch on their property. The river between these two access points is an easy 3-5 hour paddle (unless we are in a dry period or heavy rain). The riparian zone is intact, and although you can't see it from the river, the surrounding land-use is mostly agricultural. This is a great section to see lots of wildlife both aquatic and terrestrial including, gar and fresh water drum, osprey, river otter, groundhogs, deer and turkey.

River Basin



Conasauga River


3 hour float

Access Points


1. Beaverdale, GA behind the Superette Gas Station completed by Conasauga River Alliance. This is where Georgia Highway 2 crosses the Conasauga.  CRA expanded a parking area, built a access trail, stabilized the river bank and the floodplain, fixed a septic tank, installed educational signage and a bathroom, and built the actual access spot.  

2. Dalton Utilities at Norton Bridge (construction pending)

Classification of Trail

Mellow River Pool Sequence




Conasauga Canoe Trail Map
















Sponsoring Organizations

Coosa River Basin Initiative

Contact Information

Joshua Smith: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joe Cook - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nearest Population Center

Dalton, Chatsworth


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