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Ask your environmental group, church, university, homeowner association, hunting and fishing club or other civic organization to become a Georgia Water Coalition partner (click here to see a list of our current partners).


Submit your Participation Statement online by using the form below.  Once your form has been submitted, a coalition coordinator will contact you.


Download the Participation Statement to submit by fax or mail.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.  The program can be downloaded for free at the Adobe website.

Protect Georgia (formerly known as the Georgia Environmental Action Network or GEAN) is a collaborative effort among environmental and conservation organizations throughout the state to educate and mobilize their memberships utilizing a state-of-the-art electronic action alert system. This system provides the conservation community with a powerful means for getting their collaborative message out to elected officials, administrative decision makers, and leaders in big business and industry.  Click here to join Protect Georgia.

Click here for tips on finding and contacting your state legislators.


The Georgia Water Coalition's mission is to protect and care for Georgia's surface and groundwater resources, which are essential for sustaining economic prosperity, providing clean and abundant drinking water, preserving diverse aquatic habitats for wildlife and recreation, strengthening property values, and protecting the quality of life for current and future generations.

The following principles define the Georgia Water Coalition's work and its recommendations:

A. The surface waters and groundwater of Georgia are public resources to be managed by the state in the public interest and in a sustainable manner to protect natural systems and meet human and economic needs.

B. Effective water management requires ongoing, rigorous evaluation and planning that is:

(a) transparent and informed by citizen input;
(b) based on watershed, river basins, and aquifers;
(c) informed by the best available scientifically sound data;
(d) reliant on uniform, consistently applied, and enforceable standards; and
(e) implemented, enforced, and adaptively managed.

C. Waters shared among all users within a river basin must be apportioned equitably to meet reasonable needs and assure the long-term sustainability of the natural systems on which those water supplies depend.

D. Effective water management and allocation requires conservation as the primary management method. All Georgians msut strive to become better water stewards, both for those living elsewhere in a given river basin and those living in a downstream area or adjacent state.

The members of the Georgia Water Coalition work collaboratively and transparently with other Coalition members to achieve specific goals based on the above principles.

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