Smart water management is key to achieving sustainable growth, allowing economic development and conservation to exist side by side.

The Georgia Water Coalition is a group of more than 230 organizations representing well over a quarter of a million Georgians.


Including farmers, homeowner and lake associations, business owners, sportsmen's clubs, conservation organizations, professional associations and religious groups, the Georgia Water Coalition continues to speak out and provide information about the importance - even critical nature - of prudent statewide water management. The Georgia Water Coalition effort benefits all Georgians because it asks our leaders to make responsible decisions about how to best protect our water now and in the future.

The Georgia Water Coalition's mission is to protect and care for Georgia's water resources, which are essential for sustaining Georgia's prosperity, providing clean and abundant drinking water, preserving diverse aquatic habitats for wildlife and recreation, and strengthening property values.

A long-time funder of the GWC recently assessed the efficacy of its environmental program funding. The assessment revealed that the resources invested in the GWC over the last twelve years have created a powerful statewide force for Georgia's waters. The GWC is an exceptional leader on critically important water issues within the state of Georgia and the southeastern region. Please read the "REPORT ON THE GEORGIA WATER COALITION: A POWERHOUSE FORCE FOR GEORGIA'S WATERS" here.

Scroll down to learn how to get involved in this important work. For more information on the Georgia Water Coalition's efforts, see the 2015 GWC Report: Recommendations for a Healthy Water Future.

See a map of Georgia's 14 major river basins.

Help make sure that Georgia's surface and ground waters continue to be a public resource, managed in the public interest by signing the GWC petition, becoming a partner organization and getting involved in protecting Georgia's water.


GWC Leadership Team

Altamaha Riverkeeper(2016)
Chattahoochee Riverkeeper (2002 founding member)
Coosa Basin Initiative (member since 2003)
Environment Georgia (2007)
Flint Riverkeeper (2009)
Garden Club of Georgia (2014)
Georgia River Network (2007)
Georgia Wildlife Federation (founding member)
Greenlaw (2012)
Ogeechee Riverkeeper (2003)
One Hundred Miles (2014)
Satilla Riverkeeper (2014)
Savannah Riverkeeper (2013)
Sierra Club (2006)
Southern Environmental Law Center (founding member)

Ask your environmental group, church, university, homeowner association, or other civic organization to Become a Georgia Water Coalition Partner. The coalition currently has over 200 partners! Click here to learn more about becoming involved as a partner.

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